Conference Draft Programme

For all of you coming along and participating in this conference, please find attached a Draft Programme of the day.

If you haven’t yet signed up, we have 3 places left (a specific number, rather than the vague marketing guff offered to entice people at the ‘last minute’)…so please, get in contact with Kirsty or Simon via our email address to reserve your place.

We are very excited about being able to bring together such a wealth of ‘new’ talent to share their work and to discuss its implications…for the future of critical disability studies.

Postgraduate Disability Research: A critical space to engage

An Interdisciplinary Disability Research conference

University of Warwick

Wednesday 13th July 2011



10.00 – 10.30 Registration and refreshments
10.30 – 10.45 Introductions and Welcome: Kirsty Liddiard, University of Warwick, and Simon Blake,University of Nottingham
10.45 – 11.30 Keynote speaker: Dr. Donna Reeve, Lancaster University:  From geek to theory chick: Developing understanding(s) of psycho-emotional disablism
11.30 – 11.50 Break and refreshments
11.50 – 12.50 Speaker 1: Liz Shek-Noble, University of Sydney: Deviant Bodies: Disabling Queerness and Queering Disability in Rolf de Heer’s Bad Boy Bubby
Speaker 2: Michael Feely, Queens University Belfast: Paper untitled
12.50 – 13.50 Lunch
13.50 – 15.20 Speaker 3: Tom Payne, University of Nottingham: Deranged Economies: the strange and destructive role of deaf experience
Speaker 4: Eleanor Lisney, London Southbank University and co-founder of DPAC; Debbie Jolly, co-founder DPAC and Director of Thaedis: Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC): disability identity intersecting with the non disabled mainstream to combat the austerity measures that impact on the lives of disabled people imposed by the Coalition Government
Speaker 5: Naomi Lawson Jacobs, University of Derby:  Transgressive Textual Practices: Analysing Sacred Texts To Investigate Church-Based Practice Towards Disability
15.20 – 15.40 Break and refreshments
15.40 – 16.40 Speaker 6: Jenny Slater, Manchester Metropolitan University: Youth for Sale: using a critical disability studies perspective to examine the commodification of youth
Speaker 7: Anat Greenstein, Manchester Metropolitan University: Today’s Learning Objective Is to Have a Party: Playing Research with Students in a Secondary School SEN Unit
16.40 – 17.30. Keynote speaker: Professor Dan Goodley, Manchester Metropolitan University: Dis/entangling critical disability studies
17.30 – Close Wine reception

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