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Conference Alert! Postgraduate Disability Research: A Critical Space to Engage, 13th July 2011 at the University of Warwick

Keep checking here to find out more about a significant interdisciplinary event for postgraduates working or interested in critical disability research.

Keynote speakers are Professor Carol Thomas and Professor Dan Goodley.

A call for papers, for those interested in participating through sharing their research will be issued in February 2011.

This will not be a one-off happening…the conference acts jointly as the start point for an ongoing connection between postgraduate disability researchers.  This longer term space will be publicised more fully at the conference, but the event facilitators are open to dialogue with those interested in taking a more active part in developing the future of critical disability research, teaching and activism in the UK

Funding for the conference is generously provided by the British Sociological Association as part of their ‘Regional Postgraduate Day School Event’ round 2010/11.  We are very grateful for this support.

Contact:  At this stage, please request further information via the blog.  Thanks.